Palestinians, US Congressmembers Mark 45th Anniversary of Land Day

Land Day has brought the land back to the forefront of the struggle

Hundreds of activists from around the world marked on Tuesday the 45th anniversary of Land Day, the day when Israeli forces murdered six Palestinians inside the Green Line while protesting the Israeli government’s announcement of seizing nearly 20 thousand dunums of their land in 1976.

US Congressmembers Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar have also joined the campaign. Tlaib tweeted about the tragedy of Land Day saying: “This day recognizes the fight against oppression + violence continues”.

The activists launched an online campaign, tweeting on the hashtag #PalestineLandDay, with several Palestine advocacy groups taking part, including VPalestine, Palestine Defense Forces, Palestine Sunbird, Palestine Online, and Act4Palestine.

The campaign also included changing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profile pictures to images that reflect the occasion.

Significance of Land Day 

For 17 years after the 1948 Nakba, Palestinians inside the Green Line were a besieged community governed by martial law. The 1948 memory and the longing for exiled family members, neighbours, and whole communities occupied only the private sphere.

Land Day has become a central memory for Israel’s Palestinian minority, not only because it marks the first physical revolt against the Israeli state, but because it was the day that shattered the illusion of “Arab Israeli citizenship” which followed the lifting of military rule in 1966. As such, it brought the land back to the forefront of the struggle.


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