Activists hold Zoom meeting on situation in Kashmir and Palestine

A group of pro-Palestine activists on Friday organized a Zoom meeting with Kashmiri journalist Ruwa Shah on the situation in both Palestine and Kashmir during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The meeting on “Similarities between Kashmir and Palestine under Indian and Israeli occupation amid Covid-19” was organized by VPalestine, Palestine SunBird, Palestine Online, and Palestine Defense Forces Teams.

Shah stated that both Kashmir and Palestine are under occupation although of the promises to be given their right to self-determination. She also shed light on Israeli-Indian cooperation in different fields including military and economic fields, inflicting similar types of repression, including war crimes, on the Palestinian and Kashmiri peoples.

The meeting highlighted the situation in Kashmir, the reasons behind the conflict, and hate crimes against native Kashmiris. It also stressed the importance of solidarity among nations, especially that the international community has become a tool of repression for the world’s strongest countries.

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